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Foursails team members have been learning and building Aurelia from the start. We have written dozens of authoritative blog posts, answered hundreds of StackOverflow questions, and reviewed and contributed to numerous books and video resources. We have worked directly with Blue Spire, Aurelia's holding company, to support several companies in delivering their mission critical products. Talent companies offer freelancers that may not be Aurelia experts, but our team is comprised of the top Aurelia developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. That's why we are the most trusted name in Aurelia.

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...well thought out, simple, maintainable, reusable code.
David Purkiss
Lead Software Developer of Blue Nickel Solutions
...exceptional skill and professionalism on numerous development projects across a host of configurations.
Rob Eisenberg
President of Blue Spire Consulting
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Aurelia apps run flawlessly on every device.

Professional apps for every business

Apps have brought a new level of power and interactivity to the internet. In the past, the need for a different app with a different development team for each device has made building a high quality app prohibitavely expensive. Today, Aurelia brings all the power of the app directly into the browser using the most stable web standards. Whether you're a government organization in need of a data collection app, a B2B organization looking to optimize internal workflow with a communication, inventory tracking, or CRM app, or a SaaS building your client-facing application, Aurelia apps yield tremendous return on investment.

The benefits of an Aurelia app include:

  1. Aurelia apps run everywhere: Desktop, mobile, Android, and iOS.
  2. Aurelia apps don't need to be downloaded, so users start using them immediately.
  3. Aurelia apps live on the cloud, not an app store, and are easily found with Google.
  4. Since Aurelia uses modern web standards, they are faster to create and easier to maintain.
  5. Since Aurelia is commercially supported by Foursails, help is always on hand.

Aurelia apps maximize your return on investment.

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